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The building of a transformative program

Shamwari Village will be a 60-acre master planned community that provides long-term temporary housing and a supportive network of resources for veteran women coming out of chronic homelessness. This transformative residential program exists to honor and serve these women who have served our country and who now deserve life-changing medical, physical, and spiritual support to empower them to live independent lives as mothers, daughters, friends, and employees. Shamwari will also provide long-term temporary housing for young women tormented by anxiety disorders with co-existing addiction challenges. Our program will provide dual diagnostic services that serve these women holistically so that they can find their feet and become productive members of society in the workplace and in their personal lives. All these women deserve to have their dignity, self-respect and independence back intact.

Master Plan

Shamwari Village is in the planning stages of a $15 million capital campaign for Phase I. The main goal of this phase is the acquisition of land, detailed architectural renderings, ___. 


Phase I

Shamwari plans to lead an unprecedented collaborative effort to mitigate female veteran homelessness in the state of Texas. This transformative village will exist to care for and serve our female veterans who are in a state of chronic homelessness due to personal challenges who yearn for a new beginning, a place to call home until they are ready to reintegrate into society. Specifically, Phase I will cover 30 acres and provides the following;

Sixty homes
Five laundry/restroom/shower facilities
Five outdoor kitchens
Community amphitheater/meeting place
Community inn
Community organic vegetable farm
Child development center
Community center
Mental health center
Admin building
Meditation/prayer garden
Health resource center
Walking trails


Phase II
The expansion of the village to include another 60 homes for women facing mental health challenges that have resulted in addiction. This phase will be formalized when the time comes to move forward.

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