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Female veterans at a glance

More than two million female veterans live in the U.S. today. States with the largest number of female veterans are:


Texas (185,154)

Florida (145,649)

California (142,805)


Women are the fastest growing group in the veteran population.
2000: 4%
2040: 18%


Female veterans served across all military branches and divisions.
Projections for 2025:

Army: 916,948
Air Force: 464,069
Navy: 409,586
Marines: 124,169
Reserve: 157,385
Non-defense: 28,900

Female veterans are racially and ethnically diverse.
43% of the women who used VHA health services in FY20 belonged to a racial

or ethnic minority group.

A disproportionately high number of homeless women veterans have a history of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and are nine times more at risk for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Although women service members account for approximately 15% of the military, over 95% have reported sex crimes. This often leads to difficulties maintaining productive employment and family relationships, greatly increasing the odds of a female veteran becoming homeless.


Nearly 80 percent of homeless veterans suffer from mental health challenges and/or substance abuse.


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