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What makes Shamwari unique?

It’s all about honoring the women who served our country and giving back to them and supporting the young women trying to cope with mental health challenges coupled with addiction. Shamwari takes a relational approach for connecting with our women, instead of a transactional approach. When we bring an individual into community with others, we truly begin to make a sustainable impact on their lives.

Shamwari believes that the single greatest cause of female veteran homelessness is a profound, catastrophic loss of family and support. As such, our focus at Shamwari is to provide housing and develop a community with supportive services and amenities to help address these women's needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional housing initiatives. We seek to empower our veterans to build relationships with others, and to experience healing and restoration as part of engaging with a broader community.

It’s all about providing respite for young women with extreme anxiety and depression coupled with addiction, such as alcoholism. There are very few treatment options that treat both the mental health aspect and addiction concurrently. Many organizations give these young women 30 or 90 days to ‘get their act together’ before they are forced to resume their broken, uncertain lives with no support and no resources.

Shamwari believes that these young women and their children can only truly find their feet in a holistic treatment program. These women need the time to do the work and experience the positive impact of such a program. Shamwari will provide a secure, safe environment for these women while also providing them with the tools to become independent moms, employees, friends, and daughters once again.


Where is Shamwari located?


We are in the early stages of launching a major Capital Campaign in Phase I of our village. Our Board is considering the best location possible. The location will be announced upon final selection. Many factors need to be considered before acquiring land such as the strength of potential nonprofit partners in a possible location; the cost of land; and the amenities already available when purchasing land.


How many homes will be built?

Shamwari is considering offering an innovative mix of housing options, including micro-homes, container homes, and small, traditional homes. Phase I of the development includes 60 homes ranging from one to three bedrooms for homeless female veterans and their children. Phase II will see the building of another 60 homes. These homes will be for young women battling anxiety disorders coupled with alcoholism.


What services will be provided? 

A broad range of services and programs will be available on-site for our women including:

  • Full-time behavioral health case managers.

  • Primary healthcare services.

  • Mental health services.

  • Addiction rehabilitation services.

  • Parenting and financial management guidance.

  • Micro-enterprise business opportunities.

  • Regular farmers market to provide resident women with healthy, nutritious, and free vegetables harvested from Shamwari's gardens.

Shamwari will partner with established, recognized nonprofits to provide many of the clinical services.


Since you are a faith-based organization, will Shamwari residents be required to participate in faith-related activities that happen in the community?

No. There will be a spiritual life within Shamwari Village, but no requirement to participate. Although Shamwari is a Christian faith-based organization, our priority is the dignity of our women and their freedom of choice. Additionally, we have made a commitment as part of our privilege of having tax exempt status not to discriminate against anyone. We have a deep abiding respect for all faiths and welcome all individuals into our community—both Shamwari residents, and those who wish to volunteer or serve the residents living in our community.


How can I volunteer with Shamwari Village? 

Shamwari has many volunteer opportunities and is grateful for your willingness to serve. We encourage you to visit our volunteer page to explore available opportunities.


Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax deductible. Shamwari Village is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Am I able to sign up to become a recurring donor?   

You bet! We refer to our recurring donors as “Beau Monde” – our inner circle of supporters dedicated to creating a stable environment for our women. Supporters who are Beau Monde provide monthly gifts that provide ongoing support for Shamwari so that our basic operating costs are covered. In order to achieve our mission, Shamwari needs to hire talented individuals of many different skill sets.    


Can I fundraise for Shamwari Village with a crowdfunding campaign?

Absolutely! Leading a crowdfunding campaign is a great way to support Shamwari – and much appreciated! Please click here to fill out a fundraising page request form, and we’ll get back to you with next steps. We are grateful for your support!


How do I make a donation to a specific Shamwari program?

You can make a gift to Shamwari by designating the program you wish to support. Choose from the dropdown menu on our online donation form. If you prefer to give through mail with a personal check or through your charitable giving account, simply indicate the program in the memo line. Please mail your check to:

Shamwari Village
6315-B FM1488 Rd. #110
Magnolia, TX 77354
Attn: Annual Giving

A charitable receipt will be issued to donors.


What do I need to do to host a fundraising event for Shamwari Village?

We are grateful to individuals, organizations and businesses that hold fundraising events benefiting Shamwari. Funds raised during such events will support our fund designated to purchase our land and build our infrastructure. If you are interested in holding your own fundraising event, please click here to read our fundraising guidelines and fill out an event application. An authorized Shamwari representative must approve your event application before publishing the name or logo of Shamwari Village or promoting the event.


How do I join Shamwari’s email list?

You can join the email list for Shamwari Village by signing up here.

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