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Shamwari aims to become the leading village for homeless women, including female veterans and those confronting mental health challenges. Through innovation and proven success, we aspire to be a transformative model, uplifting the lives of these women and their children.

Pictures by award-winning photographer Mary F. Calvert.


Mission: To serve homeless women, including female veterans and women battling mental health and addiction challenges holistically by addressing their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs so that they gain economic stability, gain meaningful employment, and realize their purpose in impacting the world.

Purpose: To provide opportunities so that these women will:

  • Successfully transition to civilian life.

  • Successfully navigate their lives despite mental health or addiction challenges.

  • Realize their personal and economic wellbeing.

  • Grow socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • Be nurturing, caring, and loving mothers.


Female veterans were three to four times more likely to become homeless when compared to non-veteran women. The primary causes of homeless female  veterans include unemployment, disability, poor health and lack of treatment for PTSD and/or anxiety problems.


Up to 80 percent of young women suffering from addiction are also struggling with a mental health disorder. This is often due to the high risk of abuse (emotional, physical, and sexual) women experience throughout their lifetimes. Many homeless female veterans report sexual and mental trauma in the workplace.


Poor mental health, alcoholism, and substance abuse are risk factors for homelessness. Young women struggling with these issues are more likely to lose a reliable source of income and social support. These losses increase the risk of homelessness.

Shamwari aims to create a master-planned community offering stable housing and a tailored treatment for young women experiencing homelessness and profound mental and emotional distress. Recognizing the inherent potential in each individual, we prioritize holistic programs addressing mental, emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being. With a supportive environment, we will empower these women and their children to achieve stability and overcome persistent uncertainty.

Homeless female veterans: Out of sight out of mind

Female veterans constitute the fastest-growing segment among homeless veterans in the United States today. Despite this alarming trend, the plight of female veterans remains largely overlooked and misunderstood. Existing studies and surveys often fail to adequately capture their experiences, unique risk factors, and coping mechanisms.

The lack of accurate data further exacerbates the issue, as many homeless female veterans go uncounted due to their transient living situations, such as temporarily staying with friends or family until they exhaust their welcome. Consequently, they are often excluded from federal counts and lack access to essential resources, depriving them and their dependent children of vital support.

These unsung heroes urgently require assistance. Immediate action is imperative to address their needs and provide them with the support they deserve.


Our female veterans served us : it's our time to serve them

It truly takes a village – and in this case, a village dedicated to providing shelter for our homeless female veterans and their children. A village that offers more than just a roof overhead, but warmth, security, safety, and, most importantly, hope and opportunity.

Shamwari is embarking on its initial phase, seeking approximately 60 acres of land to establish a nurturing home and community for our female veterans. This community will feature essential amenities such as a health center, child-friendly playgrounds, serene parks, and a chapel for study and communal gatherings.


Furnished micro-homes will offer comfortable and affordable independent living, complemented by shared facilities like walking trails and an amphitheater for community events. Central to our concept are communal spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries, fostering healing and promoting independence.

You have the power to make a difference for our homeless female veterans. Your involvement can be pivotal in realizing the vision of Shamwari. Whether through volunteering, advocacy, or supporting our mission, your contribution matters. By forging partnerships with community leaders, builders, professionals, fellow nonprofits, and passionate advocates, we can pave the way towards independence and purpose for the women Shamwari aims to serve. Reach out to us for further details on how you can be part of this transformative journey

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